About Us

“I deliver moment-mined, polished cuts. Instead of fixing problems you spend your time improving what works and refining your story's nuance.”

Along with speed, and excellent storytelling ability, Brian Kushner is a creative film editor specializing in Avid editing software. From short form to long form content, his outstanding credit list demonstrates reliability, technical skill and creative talent.While owning his post house Purple Cow Post for 18 years, and freelancing for 12 years, Brian has consistent business with production companies, advertising agencies, cable and streaming networks. As a lead editor and musician, Brian has worked closely with Executive producers setting tone and style across television series he's worked on. From editing show opens and title sequences to music selection and sound design. He also loves working with archive teams making sure he always has the best visual's to tell the story. Brian edits from the heart, always finding the emotion in the frame first and foremost.